Crescina Enhanced HFSCWhat is Crescina?

Crescina HFSC is a patented cosmetic product for topical use. It preserves cell longevity, fights against ageing & promotes the physiological hair growth, & prevents hair fall. In India, Crescina is Available in two variant Crescina Re-Growth & Crescina Anti-Hair Loss

  • Crescina Re-Growth contains active ingredients (Cysteine, Lysine & Glycoprotein) that promote physiological hair growth.
  • Crescina Anti-Hair Loss HSSC – Enhanced Formula (transparent vial) blends the basic active ingredients with the HSSC complex, which helps prevent & hinder the physiological, non-pathological, causes of hair loss.

What does Crescina contain?

Crescina Enhanced HFSC formulation is based on Labo’s Patented & extensively Researched Formula for thinning hair that includes:

  • The Re-Growth Complex (Cysteine, Lysine, & Glycoprotein) Cysteine & Lysine are 2 amino acids among the main components of keratin, which is the protein that builds up the hair fibers & is produced inside the hair bulb by specialized cells, i.e. the keratinocytes.
  • The HFSC Complex (Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, Corosolic Acid) assists the physiological hair growth while maintaining the environment of the bulb’s progenitor cells in good health to allow its proper development.
  • The Booster Complex (Methionine, Glycine, & Copper Tripeptide-1) has the function of providing the cells of the hair bulbs with molecules that will intervene at various levels.
  • Cyclodextrins for a prolonged action of the ingredients. Cyclodextrins are molecular glucose rings that allow a gradual release of the active ingredients inserted within their structure.

Benefits of Crescina

  • CRESCINA RE-GROWTH 100% promotes hair re-growth & decreases hair loss.
  • Hair Growth Rejuvenators – Removes dead layers & helps new cells to grow, improves hair metabolism & hair quality, Retain moisture, & keeps hair alive.
  • Hydrolized Ingredients & Plant Extracts – Reduces the expression of 5 alpha-reductase enzyme which is responsible for Hair Loss.
  • Stem Engine Complex - Stimulates follicle stem cells in Hair Follicle & activates dormant stem cells in the thinning areas to offer new hair growth.
  • Amino acids & Mineral Peptides – Proliferation of primary keratinocyte & fibroblast cells, protein synthesis of primary keratinocyte & fibroblast cells, Increases blood flow in the subepidermal microcirculation of the scalp


Currently, Crescina (Grade 2 & Grade 3) are available in India for Man & Woman, which can be used for

• Hair thinning
• Prevent hair loss
• Promote Hair regrowth
• Androgenetic alopecia (AGA)

How to Use / Apply Crescina

The product comes in 3.5 ml single-dose vials to be applied daily for 5 consecutive days, followed by a two-day break (e.g. from Monday to Friday, with a break on Saturday & Sunday) Apply Crescina Enhanced HFSC onto a clean, dry scalp. Recommended Application time: minimum of 2 months.
In this case, the treatment begins with the anti-hair loss vial (transparent vial), followed by the HFSC vial (amber vial) to be applied on the next day, according to the table below.

Easy to Apply

You can apply Crescina easily without any help or support from others. The full instructions explained to the given video provided here

Effective in 100% of the subjects tested.