FAQ’s Fillerina?
What is Fillerina?

Fillerina is a derma-cosmetic filler treatment, which is able to obstruct wrinkles and to give more volume to those areas of the face that are more subject to skin sagging with time-passing. For this reason, of course, the product is suitable for those people whose skin presents such kinds of beauty flaws. It is hard to say an age, but we can say that it can be used by women as young as 25-30 years old.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid, or HA, is a natural substance in the skin that delivers nutrients, helps the skin retain moisture and softness, and adds volume.

What type of Hyaluronic Acid do the Fillerina products contain?

Fillerina 12HA Densifying Filler features a patented mix of 12 different Hyaluronic Acid molecules with varying molecular weights and sizes that are especially effective at penetrating the deepest layers of the skin, with absorption rate as high as 100%, thus allowing tissues to be filled in and plumped up from the inside.

How is it different from injected Hyaluronic Acid?

Our hyaluronic acid has been specially formulated to be directly absorbed through the skin.

When will I see results?

You will notice result within 14 Days

How long do result last?

Result may last for 4-5 months

Who shouldn’t use Fillerina?

Do not use Fillerina if you have a history of severe allergic reactions.

How long Fillerina 12 HA Filler effect will last on my skin?

The effects of Fillerina 12HA generally lasts up to 3 months of the application. The effects can be enhanced and prolonged with a maintenance therapy of Fillerina Day & Night Creams, which are suggested to be used regularly for three months after completing the treatment with Fillerina 12HA.

Is result is permanent? If not, how frequently would I have to use it?

As Fillerina 12HA is a dermo-cosmetic therapy the results are not permanent or lifelong. It is strongly recommendedby the Dermatologists, to repeat the Fillerina 12HA Filler-Densifying therapy every 3 months to maintain the denser and filler look throughout the year.

How many days does the Fillerina 12HA kit last?

The Fillerina 12HA Kit last for 14 days. The kit contains two 30ml vials each of Filler Gel & Nourishing Film divided in 14 doses of 2ml each to be applied daily for 14 days.

What are the pigments?

Skin pigments are melanocytes which give color to the skin and protect it from damage by UV-B radiation.

Why 12 hyaluronic acids?

Fillerina 12HA Filler-Densifying kit contains a patented mix of 12 different hyaluronic acid molecules with varying molecular weights, ranging from 400 Da to 20,00,000 Da in size (Swiss Patent CH 705 713) that are especially effective at penetrating the layers of the skin, thus allowing the skin tissues to be filled in and plumped up.

Why you are not selling other grades?

Fillerina 12HA comes in three different grades – Grade 3, 4 & 5- in the European markets. However, currently only Grade 4 has been made available in India as it can be used for all ages with satisfactory results and without side effects. However Grade 5 shall be made available soon.

The Indian dermis (skin layers), due to the tropical climate and prolonged exposure to sun and higher temperatures, is found to be much thicker than the European skin. Since the Fillerina 12HA is based on TransdermalTechnology (Swiss Patent CH 711 466), the penetration of Grade 3 is comparatively lower on the Indian dermis and therefore Grade 4 is recommended to give better and satisfactory results to younger population. Thus, Grade 3 has not been launched in the Indian Market.

I am in my 20s, is grade 4 is good and safe for me?

It is to be noted that all grades of Fillerina 12HA are safe and without side effects, and can be used by all ages. Further, due to the tropical climate conditions in India the Indian skin is found to be much thicker in comparison to the European skin, and therefore the penetration of dermis by the patented Transdermal Technology (Swiss Patent CH 711 466) in Grade 3 is comparatively lower in India than in other European Nations. Keeping this in mind, Grade 4 is recommended over Grade 3 to younger population to achieve satisfactory results.

What is the difference between Fillerina 12HA Grade 5 & Grade 4
S. No Grade 5 Grade 4
1 It recommended in advance aging effect on the skin conditions It recommended in condition when more aging effect on the skin
2 When wrinkles and expression lines are very deep When wrinkles and expression lines are deep
3 Very marked and uneven microrelief Visible, marked and uneven microrelief
4 Severe tissue depression and depletion Noticeable tissue depression and depletion
5 Skin with insufficient thickness, density and plasticity Skin with poor thickness, density and plasticity
6 Marked sagging signs Visible sagging signs
What is expiry of the product?

The Fillerina 12 HA range has a shelf life of 5 years. The current batch in the market (Batch No. A012020) has an expiry date of February 2025.

Why it is too costly?

The Fillerina 12HA kit fills in and plumps up the skin tissues causing a gradual reduction age wrinkles, expression lines, and skin depressions, giving you a younger look at just Rs. 12,999 per 14 therapy. Given the recommendation of repeating the 14 day therapy every three months the total annual cost for a younger and fuller skin for you would be Rs. 51,996 only in a year!

Although we do not compare ourselves to any other filler product in the market, but for your satisfaction, all hyaluronic acid fillers available in market are painful & invasive injectable procedures and are priced ranging from Rs. 25,000 – 50,000 per sitting.

So Fillerina 12HA is not an expensive investment in yourself after all!

It will work for dark circles?

No, Fillerina does not work on skin color/pigments and therefore do not have any effects on dark circles.

Why is there no COD (Cash on Delivery) payment options?

Given the correct situation and disruption in supply chain across the country we are only offering doorstep deliveries on pre-paid purchases. However, as the situation normalizes the COD options shall be made available soon.

What is the difference between other fillers and Fillerina?

Fillerina 12HA is a patented World’s First Non-Invasive at Home Use densifying filler based on 12 different hyaluronic acid molecules with various scientific studies published over years supporting the claimed efficacy of Fillerina.

It is non-comparable to any other fillers available in the market primarily due to the reasons – 1) Only Non-Invasive alternative to aesthetic medicine injections; all other fillers are injectable, 2) No major side effects; whereas even minor administration error with injectable fillers can lead to facial paralysis, and 3) Tested and proved effectiveness never ever obtained before by any derma-cosmetic hyaluronic acid filler; giving filler effect with 12 different hyaluronic acid molecules with varying molecular weights & densifying effect with 3 collagen molecules with different molecular weights, which is not offered by any on shelf or prescription filler in the market.

How long does eye/lip cream last?

The Fillerina 12HA Eye and Lip Creams come in a 15ml pack and a single pack shall last for about 30 days.

What is the shelf Life?

5 year


Yes, having anti-pigmentation & skin lightning contents but not recommended for Acne.

Is it possible to order samples?


How long does a product last without opening it?

5 year From the Manufacturing date.

FAQ’s Crescina
What does it contain?

Crescina Enhanced HFSC formula is based on Labo’s Patented & extensively Researched complexes. It contains:

  • The Re-Growth Complex (Cysteine, Lysine, and Glycoprotein) Cysteine and Lysine are 2 amino acids among the main components of keratin, which is the protein that builds up the hair fibres and is produced inside the hair bulb by specialized cells, i.e. the keratinocytes.
  • The HFSC Complex (Hydrolyzed Rice Protein& Corosolic Acid) assists the physiological hair growth while maintaining the environment of the bulb’s progenitor cells in good health to allow its proper development.
  • The Booster Complex (Methionine, Glycine, and Copper Tripeptide-1) has the function of providing the cells of the hair bulbs with molecules that will intervene at various levels.
  • Cyclodextrins for a prolonged action of the ingredients. Cyclodextrins are molecular glucose rings that allow a gradual release of the active ingredients inserted within their structure.
Can I use Crescina treatment during pregnancy?

Crescina can generally be used during pregnancy. However, because of the peculiarities of the particular physiological condition, we usually recommendinforming your doctor about the application of Crescina.

Can I dye my hair during the treatment?

Yes, you can. However, in order not to stress the scalp too much, it is advisable to maintain 12 hours gap between Crescina & dye application. (Apply Crescina on dry and clean scalp).

Is Crescina treatment compatible with other hair products like conditioner or hair shampoo?

Yes, there are no incompatibilities at all with general hair product and you may continue with your regular hair regime.

How long does the treatment last?

A single pack of Crescina Enhanced HFSC lasts for one month (4 weeks; 5 days each week). Minimum period of application is 1 months, although it is usually recommended to apply the treatment for at least 2 months for the best results.

Is it normal to feel a slight itching sensation once the product has been applied on the scalp?

Yes, though Crescina is a cosmetic preparation and so do not cause any form of reaction or side effects on application, however depending on the individual scalp and related skin sensitivity, the Crescina treatment may cause a mild tingling or heat sensation on areas where solution is applied. It is a temporary and completely natural effect and will go away as quickly as it has appeared.

Since which age can I start to use Crescina?

You should have at least reached adulthood. In order to choose the dosage that best suits your needs, it is useful to consult Hamilton / Norwood thinning scale for men and Ludwig / Savin thinning scale for women.

How do I apply Crescina Treatment?

Each vial contains 3.5 ml of the preparation and should be used every day for 5 consecutive days followed by a break of two days. Each box containing 20 vials is meant for a 1-month treatment (that can be repeated minimum 4 times a year).
How soon, after the star of Crescina treatment application, results will begin to be visible?

How soon, after the star of Crescina treatment application, results will begin to be visible?

Results & scale of results depend on the individual conditions. According to the in-vivo tests on volunteers, 100% of the subjects obtained positive results in terms of new hair growth after 4 months of treatment.

What is the shelf life of Crescina?

Crescina shelf life is 5 year.

What is the difference between Crescina and Minoxidil?
Sl. No. Crescina Minoxidil
1 Crescina is a cosmetic product. Minoxidil is a Prescription Drug.
2 Crescina works topically and with transdermic perpetration to enhance new hair growth and reduce hair thinning without any health issue. High absorption/penetration of Minoxidil may lead to lower low blood pressure in the individual.
3 After completing the therapy not required to use regularly (Maintenance therapy required in every 3-4 month). Discontinuation of minoxidil stop the hair growth and even lead to accelerated hair fall
4 Crescina is a Worlds’ Only Swiss Patented product based on clinical evaluation and studies. Minoxidil is a generic drug & every company have different formulation with varying degree of effects.
Crescina will work for alopecia?

Yes, Crescina is effective for alopecia. As per the clinical studies, In Alopecia a growth of new hair from 3.7% to 25.9% after 3-month treatment.